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The Great Cause Pause For Applause: Crohn's and Colitis UK South Manchester Network

May 28, 2018

The South Manchester Network of Crohn’s and Colitis UK was established to raise awareness of these often life-changing, but also invisible illnesses, within the South Manchester area. Our small team of dedicated volunteers attend events carnivals, and have stalls at local hospitals, as well as speak at conferences, to share information about Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. Many people are not aware that those who have these conditions can face a daily struggle with pain and fatigue, having to rush to the toilet, and feeling generally unwell. Most face a life on medication to control the symptoms, and many will have to undergo surgery at some point in their life.


 Pictured: Jenny Cooper – Lead Volunteer; Rebecca Keen – Awareness Volunteer; Dr Paul Knight - Clinical Advisor; Emma Greenwood – Awareness Volunteer; Cathrin Schulze – Awareness Volunteer.


Social Meet Ups and Improved Patient Experiences


We also arrange social meet ups so that people with these conditions can meet others who understand what they are experiencing. These can provide a real boost to those who are experiencing a tough time.

Through fundraising, the Network has also been able to improve the experience for patients at local hospital. We have given grants to support the development of a new service for children who are transitioning to adult care, and help fund a pilot scheme for a clinical psychologist to support those who are struggling to come to terms with their diagnosis.




Volunteers Needed!


We would love more volunteers to join us, as we have plenty of fun events coming up throughout the rest of 2018 that they can get involved in.


What They Say:


"I became a volunteer for CCUK last year after I nearly lost my life to severe IBD and its complications. I want to turn a horrendous experience for me and my family into a positive. As a volunteer I participate in fundraising events and liaise with local hospitals to raise much needed awareness, give out information to support people and help direct funds raised to where we can help improve areas of care." Emma, CCUK volunteer



Find Crohn's and Colitis online:



TWITTER - @CrohnsColitisSM

INSTAGRAM - @crohnscolitisuksouthmanchester



Many thanks to Emma Greenwood for submitting this week's Great Cause #PauseForApplause

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