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The Great Cause Pause For Applause: Surrogacy UK

April 23, 2018



With celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Tom Daley creating or completing their families through surrogacy, the spotlight has been on surrogacy more than ever before.

Surrogacy UK is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to creating families through ethical, altruistic surrogacy. Whether you have come to surrogacy because you are unable to carry a pregnancy due to illness (such as cancer), you're a same sex couple or you're a surrogate wanting to achieve a dream, Surrogacy UK will support you every step of the way.





Trust and Friendship


Championing a "friendship first" ethos, a strong emphasis is placed on forming close bonds of trust between surrogates and intended parents before embarking on a surrogacy journey. There is a 3 month "getting to know' period where the couple and surrogate, along with the surrogate's own family, spend quality time together to build up a friendship before starting treatment. The many successful surrogacy journeys, and lifelong friendships made, are a testament to this approach.

Peer support is essential to help navigate the ups and downs of a surrogacy journey and regular social events, conferences and a vibrant online forum enable intended parents and surrogates to form a strong support network. Surrogacy UK also has a lively Facebook group, particularly useful for those considering a surrogacy journey for the first time, and recently held the first information day for those new to surrogacy.


Surrogacy UK has grown rapidly over 15 years and now supports hundreds of couples, surrogates and families through and beyond surrogacy journeys - recently celebrating the birth of baby number 200!



Legal Reform


In addition to supporting members, Surrogacy UK has played a key role in educating healthcare professionals, the public and the media about the realities of surrogacy in the UK today. Surrogacy UK’s campaign for legal reform is highlighting the problems current surrogacy laws create for surrogates, intended parents and, most importantly, children born through surrogacy. For more information and to support the campaign for legal reform:



 "Why would I not want to help when I can give another woman a chance to smile like that?" Jane, proud surrogate.






Many thanks to Jo Robertson from Lillian Craze Birth Photography for allowing us to use the gorgeous black and white Surrogacy UK team birth photo. Also, thanks to Helen Greenwood at Surrogacy UK for assisting with info with for this blog post.

For more information on surrogacy visit 

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